Want Higher Prices?

You provide significant value to your customers. You deserve to be compensated for that value.

Want Growth?

It’s not enough to just identify opportunities. Growth demands that you deliver unique value to your customers.

We Help Capital Equipment Companies Grow and Compete

We help equipment companies define and create winning products and then market them to capture their full value. Whether you engage us to develop overall organizational capability or to address a specific issue or opportunity, the result will be faster growth, improved competitiveness, and more profit.

Equipment makers don't have it easy.

You overcome many challenges to serve your customers. For that, your customers are very grateful. After all, they derive significant financial value from your equipment.

As an equipment supplier, you deserve to be compensated for that value. That requires a value-based strategy.

We can help.

We’ve helped dozens of capital equipment companies implement a value-based strategy and as a result secure more customers at higher prices. We can do the same for you.

Publications, speaking, training, one-on-one coaching,  or a company-wide initiative. How we work together is up to you.