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How to Get Closer to Your Customers

Customer intimacy requires that you blur the lines between you and your customers. It requires that you share your strategy with your customers, become part of their community, and develop enduring collaborations. It requires that you become so well known to each...

How to Develop Competitive Intelligence

Collecting competitive intelligence is like a scavenger hunt; nuggets of information are hidden everywhere. Your challenge is to go out and find them. But you cannot conduct the hunt as random bursts of effort if you want to develop truly effective competitive...

How to Validate Your Value Model

Value-based strategy affects everything that you do to define, create, market, and sell products. Pricing, sales training, market requirements, market segmentation, competitive positioning, roadmap development, value-based strategy affects them all. But do you know...

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Want more customers at higher prices? Get Your Price!  is the first-ever book that shows you how to implement a value-based strategy in a capital equipment company.

This indispensable, practical guide shows you how to create superior customer value and get paid for it.


Like any good coach, Mike got the best out of me. Plus, I added new skills and learned new approaches that will help me on future projects.  Thanks, Mike! I look forward to the next time we can work together.

Somit Joshi

Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, Veeco Instruments

Since working with Mike and adopting a value-based strategy, we’ve literally added millions of gross margin dollars to our bottom line each year.

Todd Templeton

Product Marketing Manager, FEI Company

Mike’s “How to Implement a Value-Based Strategy” workshop, connected the dots for me.  By using examples directly related to our industry, Mike made each value-strategy concept immediately useful.  I came away with a toolbox full of practical techniques to that I can apply right away.

Stephen Ranney

Product Manager, Brooks Automation

About Tekcess and Michael Chase

Capital equipment companies source most of their strategy and marketing professionals from the engineering ranks. Almost without exception, these incredibly capable professionals have the formal, technical education necessary to master complex, capital equipment and its applications.

But they are often left on their own to figure out how to capitalize on promising opportunities, grow their businesses, and compete. In 2006, I formed Tekcess International to help capital equipment companies solve that problem.