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Leader or Victim?

Want to know a not-so-obvious attribute that will determine if you’re going to be a great product manager or merely a good one?  It’s not your product expertise, your gift for anticipating market inflections, your talent for telling a great story in PowerPoint(R), or...

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How to Validate Your Value Model

Value-based strategy affects everything that you do to define, create, market, and sell products. Pricing, sales training, market requirements, market segmentation, competitive positioning, roadmap development, value-based strategy affects them all. But do you know...

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How to Get Off the Sales Support Treadmill

“We don’t have time to do marketing work because we are overwhelmed with sales support,” the marketing team will tell you. You're inclined to believe them. You can see that the majority of the marketing team’s time is consumed with direct, tactical sales support...

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Embrace the Tension

By now, you can see that your value-based conversation with customers is going to be very different from what you might be used to. You can already feel the knot developing in your stomach as you begin to imagine how uncomfortable this could get. There's no way you're...

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