Free Capital Equipment Product Management Articles

6 Ways to Improve Pricing

Think quick...What would you do to improve gross margins at your company? Did you say, "Reduce costs"? But what if you could raise prices; wouldn't that be the fastest way to improve margins? You'd expect price improvement programs to be as common as cost reduction...

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In Defense of the Salesman

It's the Monday morning senior staff meeting/ Bad news. That the big order everyone is counting on still hangs in the balance. The VP of Sales, the only staff member not physically present, is on the speakerphone. "The customer feels anybody's system will work, so the...

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Getting Disruptive Technology Right

Disruptive technology introduction is a complex and expensive undertaking especially for capital equipment suppliers. However if executed well, breakthrough results are possible. To improve your chances of success, follow these rules for getting disruptive technology...

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