Value-Based Strategy

We Help Capital Equipment Companies Grow and Compete

Capital Equipment Suppliers, You Don’t Have It Easy.

You’re faced with constantly changing technologies, long and costly product development, aggressive competitors and demanding customers with sophisticated buying processes.

You overcome all these challenges to serve your customers. For that, your customers are very grateful. After all, they derive significant financial value from your equipment. As an equipment supplier, you deserve to be compensated for that value.

That requires products that were conceived, developed, and marketed, and sold with value-based strategy.

Get More Customers at Higher Prices.

A value-based strategy deliberately creates more economic value for the equipment buyer than alternative offerings. Then for the equipment supplier, it extracts fair, profitable compensation for that value.

The result is more customers at higher prices.

A value-based strategy is much more than value-based selling. Your organization and processes must be aligned to produce solutions that create more customer value than alternatives. Then your sales force must be equipped with the ability to substantiate your value proposition and defend value-based pricing.

For value-based selling to succeed, your product and marketing strategies must also be value-based. Only then can you be assured that you’re on a path to sustained competitive advantage, profitability, and growth.

This has been a real success story, and I can’t thank Mike enough.

Today our market-focused business units are up and running; we have developed customer value definition, creation, and marketing skills in our product managers; and we are winning more orders at prices that reflect the value that we deliver to our customers. Benjamin Loh

Chief Operating Officer , FEI Company