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Michael Chase – President

Michael ChaseMichael Chase (Mike) is the President of Tekcess International. He is also the author of two capital equipment strategy books, Equipped to Win and Get Your Price!.

Mike has been in the capital equipment industry for more than 25 years. Over his career, he has assembled a track record of improving the growth, competitiveness, and profitability of capital equipment companies. He has broken into new markets, introduced dozens of new products, beaten competitors, participated in the buying and selling of companies, and developed successful organizations.

Before forming Tekcess International in 2006, he held executive positions in general management, marketing, and customer service in large and small capital equipment companies.  As an independent consultant, Mike has worked as a board member, contract executive, advisor, and trainer to complete numerous strategy, corporate development, product management, and marketing projects for his clients.

Companies Mike has worked with include: Varian Semiconductor, Genus, PRI Automation, Brooks Automation, Veeco Instruments, Axcelis Technologies, Photronics, Advanced Electron Beams, Gloucester Engineering, GT Advanced Technologies, Oerlikon Solar(TEL), QD Vision, AstroWatt, BlueShift Technologies, Denton Vacuum, Nexx Systems, Applied Materials, Newport Corporation, MRSI Systems, GSI Group, FEI CompanySterilis, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Blue Wolf Capital Partners.

Mike took command of the situation immediately.

He addressed critical product and market issues, held the team together through the uncertainty of a divestiture process, and secured a buyer for the business. Mike did an A+ job in an assignment that had an “off the charts” degree of difficulty.

John Roush

CEO, GSI Group