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Get Your Price by Michael Chase

Amazon’s #1 New Release in Product Management

Master the Essentials: A How-to Guide for Capital Equipment Product Managers

Are you looking for a book that shows you how to implement the most important product management concepts, strategies, and methods? Are you looking for one written specifically for capital equipment product managers?

You can stop looking because you found it! Master the Essentials shows you how to execute a capital equipment product manager’s most important work. With this book, you will learn how to:

  • Fulfill the product management role.
  • Get off the sales-support treadmill.
  • Manage product line performance.
  • Execute the product lifecycle.
  • Implement a value-based strategy.
  • Conduct market intelligence.
  • Develop product strategy.
  • Create market requirements documents.
  • Maximize your aftermarket business.
  • Build your sales kit.
  • Train your sales force.
  • Localize selling capability.
  • Launch new products.

It is all here, plus much more. This straightforward guide will help you produce winning products and excel as a product manager.


If you don’t master the essentials, your life as a capital equipment product manager will be an unpleasant experience. You will spend your days jumping from urgent issue to urgent issue. Customers will yawn at your product’s value proposition. Competitors will gain the upper hand. Your management reviews will be painful.

You can avoid all of that. This book shows you how.

Get Your Price by Michael Chase

Amazon’s #1 New Release in Industrial Marketing

Get Your Price!: Value-Based Strategy for Capital Equipment Companies

Want more customers at higher prices? Get Your Price! will help you get it done. It’s the first-ever book that shows you how to implement a value-based strategy in a capital equipment company. You’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome the key obstacles to selling value
  • Define value and use it to drive a winning product strategy
  • Avoid the commodity trap
  • Establish and defend value-based pricing
  • Develop a sales force that can sell value
  • Take a shortcut that can produce near-instant results
  • And much more

This indispensable, practical guide shows you how to create superior customer value and get paid for it.

What industry leaders are saying about Get Your Price...

“I know from personal experience that the insights in Get Your Price! will help capital equipment business leaders develop superior value propositions and get paid for them. This is a clear, precise, well-written guide that will put you on the path to a winning strategy.”

John A. Roush, CEO, GSI Group

“Capital equipment suppliers generate tremendous value for their customers. Yet it’s always a struggle to secure prices that reflect that value. Mike tackles this pressing issue head-on in this book. Get Your Price! provides a well-thought-out, straightforward strategy to achieve the value-based pricing you deserve.”

Rezwan Lateef, GM and VP Lithography Products, Ultratech

Get Your Price! provides a well-thought-out strategy to help capital equipment manufacturers value their products and prioritize what is most important to the customer. Mike’s book covers all the critical topics you need to understand to produce highly competitive and profitable products. A must read for any capital equipment professional whether you’re early in your career or a seasoned executive.”

John Patrin, Global Marketing Director, Dow Water and Process Solutions

“Over the last four years, we have worked with Mike Chase to implement a value-based strategy. In every single one of those years, our margins improved. To make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table, read this book!”

Robert Krueger, VP & GM, Semiconductor Business Unit, FEI Company

“Mike Chase has a real knack for tackling important marketing topics and breaking them down into actionable steps. We all discuss and debate how to communicate the value our products offer and maximize price. Get Your Price! gives us a clear way to organize the discussion and measure the results.”

David C. Gray PhD, Chief Strategy & New Business Officer, Brooks Automation

“Michael Chase has written a clear and practical guide to customer value as the strategic heart of product management success. The concrete capital equipment examples are an important ingredient that helps to make this book so clear. But it is also a worthwhile read for companies beyond those that produce capital equipment.

Get Your Price! provides a compelling roadmap for anyone seeking to take their organization to the next level by implementing a value-based strategy. This is a must-read for the value-management, value-pricing, and value-selling communities.”

Peyton Marshall, CEO, LeveragePoint Innovations

“This is not some theoretical text. Get Your Price! is a well-organized, easy-to-read, practical, how-to guide packed with strategies you can use right away to grow your business. Capital equipment suppliers need to read this book.”

Michael Ioannou, President and CEO, Akrion Systems

Get Your Price! is a must read for capital equipment manufacturers looking to grow, maximize profit, and deliver unique value to their customers.  This book is loaded with valuable insight, written by someone with intimate knowledge of the capital equipment industry.”

Michael J. Chalsen, President, MRSI Systems

“I have worked closely with Mike at three different equipment companies. In each case, he transformed how we thought about creating customer value and helped us get paid for it. Mike shares his battle-tested approach in this exceptionally useful book. If you want to reach your customer-value creation and capture potential, read Get Your Price!.

Edward Samaha, General Manager, Modular Power Solutions

“A value-based strategy will fundamentally change the way you look at your customers’ unmet needs, define your win strategy, develop products, and sell them. It’s my experience that following the approaches in Get Your Price! will lead to a more confident sales force that can win more orders at higher prices.”

Sudhakar Raman, VP Global Marketing, Veeco Instruments

To make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table, read this book!
Robert Krueger

VP & GM, Semiconductor Business Unit, FEI Company

Equipped to Win: Strategy, Product Management, and Marketing for Capital Equipment Companies

The Original Capital Equipment Product Management Book

Equipped to Win: Strategy, Product Management, and Marketing for Capital Equipment Companies

Equipped to Win is the first ever how-to book that specifically addresses the unique challenges of the capital equipment industry. With Equipped to Win you’ll learn how to:

  • Define, develop, and market winning products
  • Get the most out of your aftermarket business
  • Train the sales force
  • Introduce a disruptive technology
  • Manage through a downturn
  • Establish your market position
  • Plus much more

You get the capital equipment industry’s best practices for strategy, product management, and marketing. This is your guide for growing your business, improving profits, and beating the competition.

What Industry leaders are saying about Equipped to Win...

“Finally – a book that tackles the unique challenges of the high-tech capital equipment industry.  Mike has packed into one book the strategies, tactics, and tools that could take a lifetime to develop on your own.  Equipped to Win is a must-read for anyone charged with high-tech capital equipment strategy, product management, or marketing.”

John Peeler, CEO, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

“Companies in these markets regularly bet their futures on new product and platform introductions. The stakes couldn’t be higher. In Equipped to Win, Mike provides practical advice and tools to help executives and product marketing managers navigate key issues and produce winning results.”

David Gray, Ph.D., VP of Strategic Development, GT Solar International, Inc.

Equipped to Win is not only a great primer for young equipment company entrepreneurs, but it is also a solid reference for seasoned executives as they set out to create competitive advantage and grow their companies.”

Pete Simone, Retired CEO and Director of several public equipment companies

“In Equipped to Win, Mike has captured the strategies and tactics that have made him successful in the capital equipment business.  This book should be required reading for everyone from executives to engineering, product, and sales managers.”

Don Kania, Ph.D., President and CEO, FEI Company

“In Equipped to Win, Michael addresses the key elements and common pitfalls of capital equipment marketing and has tied them together in a comprehensive guide.  This is not a ‘blot out the sun’ book on marketing theory; Equipped to Win is a truly useful day-to-day management tool for any high-tech capital equipment supplier.”

John Aldeborgh, President and CEO, Innopad, Inc.

“Insightful and easy to read – an indispensable Rosetta Stone for success in the high-technology capital equipment business.”

Bertrand Loy, Executive VP and COO, Entegris, Inc.

“Unlike other product strategy and development books, Equipped to Win provides high-technology capital equipment managers with real life how-to steps and tools for managing products through their lifecycle. This handbook will be on tech leaders’ desks, not their bookshelves!”

Michael Luttati, VP of Global Services, Teradyne, Inc.

“Mike is one of the brightest marketing professionals I know.  With Equipped to Win, he has given us an easy-to-read guide to the essentials and nuances of high-tech capital equipment product strategy, management, and marketing.”

Mitch Tyson, CEO, Advanced Electron Beams

“Mike Chase has written what our industry has needed for a long time – a straightforward guide that addresses the key issues facing high-tech capital equipment companies.  It’s a book you will appreciate immediately and revisit frequently.”

Greg Redinbo, Ph.D., Director of U.S. and Europe Sales, Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.


This title is no longer available.
Insightful and easy to read – an indispensable Rosetta Stone for success in the high-technology capital equipment business.
Betrand Loy

Executive VP and COO, Entegris